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Reservation status calendar

Please check the calendar and apply from the reservation form at the bottom.

About reservations for the year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 24-1 / 5)

Reservations must be made from 2 people or more in each room. * If you are staying alone, you will be charged for 2 people.


 [Calendar notation] ○: Vacancy ×: Full 

B = 8 tatami Japanese-style room with Bengala wall T = 8 tatami Japanese-style room with alcoveW = Taisho modern 8-mat Western-style room 1 = 1 building rented

​Reservation form

All items are [required items], so please enter them.









【プロスペロ】 営業時間短縮 (~2/20まで、感染拡大防止のため)




※避密の旅 新規予約・販売停止中


  • 宿泊券利用対象者全員の居住地が確認できる本人確認書類

  • 宿泊者全員の予防接種済証等(2回目のワクチン接種後14日を経過したもの)または検査結果通知書(有効期限内のもので検査結果が陰性のもの)​


当日・不泊・連絡なし:100% 前日:100% 2~7日前:50%

Reservation by phone

Reception hours 8:00 to 20:00

* Same-day reservations may not be accepted depending on the reservation status. Please contact us directly by phone.

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