Chikugo Yoshii Guest House IKUHA

1-1385 Yoshii machi Ukiha city Fukuoka 839-1321 Japan【GoogleMap

Telephone: 0943-73-7400 (8am – 8pm) Fax:0943-73-7404

 Check-in / Check-out 

Check-in 4pm-8pm 

​Check-out 8am-10am

* Please contact us by phone if check-in is delayed.

 Opening hours 

8am – 8pm
■ We lock the front door at 8pm so if you go out after this time we request that guests keep the door locked for their own security.

 By Car 

【Oita Expressway】
12 minutes’ from "Asakura Inter", 13 minutes’ from "Yuki Inter"
【Kyushu Expressway】
35 minutes’ from "Kurume Inter"
 ※There are 2 free parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the inn. Please inform us in advance if you are driving.

 By JR 

55 minutes’ ride from "Hakata" to "Chikugoyoshii"
40 minutes’ ride from "Kurume" to "Chikugoyoshii"
26 minutes’ ride from "Hita" to "Chikugoyoshii"

 By Nishitetsu Bus 

【The Nishitetsu Bus】

52 minutes’ ride from "Nishitetsu Kurume" to "YoshiiEigyousyo"

 Time required from the nearest station / bus stop to the hotel 

6 minutes’ walk from "Chikugoyoshii" of JR

8 minutes’ walk from "YoshiiEigyousyo" of Nishitetsu bus