Guest Rooms / Charge
Bengara Wall Traditional Room

Bengara is the name of the ancient red color paint on the walls. The original wooden ceiling is maintained since the time of construction. 

Capacity of 4 people.
1 person 3,500 yen
2 person 7,000 yen(3,500 yen / person)
3 person 9,000 yen(3,000 yen / person)
4 person 11,000 yen(2,750 yen / person)

Traditional Alcove Room

A bright traditional room with alcove, facing the street. Ideal for enjoying the authentic Japanese style stay.

Capacity of 4 people.
1 person 3,800 yen
2 person 7,600 yen(3,800 yen / person)
3 person 10,500 yen(3,500 yen / person)
4 person 13,000 yen(3,250 yen / person)

Japanese Western Style Room

A twin-bedded garden view room with nostalgic Japanese-Western style interior. 


Capacity of 2 people.
1 person 4,000 yen
2 person 8,000 yen(4,000 yen / person)

Whole House Rental

The ground floor of the building has a shared lounge and separate living room. The second
floor has three accommodation rooms. All these rooms have traditional Tatami mats.

Capacity of 10 people.
1 building 30,000 yen

*All charges are inclusive of consumption tax.
*From April 2020 an additional 200 yen per person per night will be charged.
*The fees for elementary school students are a flat rate of 2000 yen per student per night, junior high school students are charged at the adult rate. Fees are not charged for bed 
sharing with children over 2 years old.

■ All rooms have air conditioning installed for your comfort.
■ The rooms are partitioned by traditional walls and corridors and can be locked for your security.
■ All rooms are equipped with a mirror stand, table, Japanese wardrobe and facilities for clothes hanging.


Our guest house has been renovated from a traditional Japanese building that was built
more than 100 years ago. Due to the authentic nature of the building guests should be aware that certain conditions are not up to modern standards such as noise insulation and climate control.

■ Keep your belongings with you all the time.
■ We respectfully request that guests must be at least 2 years old as we do not have facilities for babies.
■ We have a steep staircase and all guest rooms are on the 1st floor and are therefore not suitable for people with mobility problems.
■ No smoking is allowed. Smoking is permitted outside the building in the courtyard in a
designated area.
■ We do not provide a food service in the hotel. Please refrain from dining in the room. For meals, please use the shared lounge and living room.

■ If the hotel suffers damage due to customer's intention or negligence, the guest shall  You will be compensated for any damages such as additional cleaning fees.

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