What can you do in Ukiha?

 1 minutes’ walk from Ikuha 

You can stroll around Shirakabe Street in Chikugo Yoshii.

Chikugo Yoshii produced great merchants who came to be known as “Yoshii Gane”. These merchants amassed a fortune
through the manufacturing of candles, Sake, noodles and essential oils. A great fire occurred in 1869 (Meiji 2) which destroyed large parts of the city. As part of the
reconstruction the merchants planned the construction of a fireproof building called Shirakabe Dozo-zukuri (white wall warehouse). This building can still be seen today as a
prominent feature of the city landscape. The townscape was selected as a National Preservation District of Historic Buildings in 1996 (Heisei 8). In the town you can see traditional Japanese sweet shops and general stores which create a
fun are to stroll around in. “Chikugo Yoshii no Hinamatsuri” is a celebration for girls held in Spring. Traditional Japanese dolls (“Okiage Hina” and “Hako Hina”) are displayed in the
shops or in traditional Japanese houses during the celebrations and can only be seen at this time of the year. Various other events are held for this festival and it is a very busy time for
(Nationally-selected important preservation district of historic buildings)

 30 minutes’ car from Ikuha 

Beautiful unspoilt landscape (Tsuzura-tanada)

there is a “Rice Terrace” which was selected as one of the top
100 “Rice Terrace” in Japan by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It is located in the Niikawatagomori area which is known as a traditional architecture preservation district. This rice field is made up of 300 smaller fields arranged in staircase pattern on a stoned steep slope. These historic fields have been developed and used for over 400 years. If you are visiting in autumn, it is the peak season of the Cluster Amaryllis. This beautiful flower is in bloom with over 500,000 flowers in the area! At the end of September, the “Ukiha Cluster Amaryllis & Basara festival in Rice Field” will be held and its popularity has grown
every year.

 10-15 minutes’ car from Ikuha 

Every season there is a different fruit to pick at the “Ukiha Fruit World”.

Ukiha is well known as a fruit district. Its abundance of sunshine, rich fertile soil and groundwater ensure that the fruit grown has gained a reputation for being extremely delicious. There are many orchards
in the area which you can enjoy picking fruit in when in season.

≪Strawberry picking≫ is in early January to the end of May.

≪Blueberry picking≫ is in early July to late August

≪Peach picking≫ is in Mid-July to late July.

≪Grape picking≫ is in late July to late September.

≪Pear picking≫ is in early August to late October.

≪Spear picking≫ is in Mid-October to early December.

 20 minutes’ car from Ikuha 

A trip to the Hirakawa family’s house makes for an interesting day trip.

Hirakawa family residence is a private house called “Kudo-zukuri” with a U shaped ridge when viewed from above. The word “Kudo” means stove in Japanese. The house obtains its
name due to its unique shape which resembles a stove. It is written in transcripts from the time that the initial construction of Hirakawa family’s house was started in the middle or late Edo period, but in a smaller scale than the present form. The Zashiki, Naka-nando and Kawanando
sections of the building were expanded in the preceding years. An inscription written in 1820 (Bunsei 3) was found in a Buddhist altar in “Zashiki”, and it is thought that the
“Zashiki” room was built at this time. The construction of the “Nando” room was delayed until the Meiji era. The main area of the Hirakawa family house and the “Nando” area were designated as a National Important Cultural Property in June 1971. This house is still used as a residence, but you can still tour the inside of the house with an advanced reservation.(National Important Cultural Property selected)

 15 minutes’ car from Ikuha 

Enjoy the “Ryo (cooling off)” at ”Chouon-no-taki.

This waterfall is located in the Imogawa district. It is 27 meters high and 9 meters wide, and it was selected as one of the top 100 “水源の森百選(Suigen-no-mori-hyakusen)”. This place is popular with locals and tourists alike as a summer resort to cool off during the hot weather. There is a “flowing somen noodles” water source from the river. And there is also a running pool with a slide for free.

Enjoy the “Onsen (Hot springs)” in Ukiha.

There are many Onsen around Ikuha. You can enjoy multicultural hot spring quality at Yoshii-Onsen (5 min by car), Harazuru-Onsen (10 min by car), Chikugogawa-Onsen, Minou-Villa and Takatori hot spring, hot-spring facility without accommodations.

 5-15 minutes’ car from Ikuha 

Relax and enjoy the cherry blossoms of Ukiha

There are many things to see and do in Ukiha during the cherry blossom season!Takahashi Shrine, which can be reached on foot from 以久波. There are many other cherry blossom sites such as the Nagarekawa cherry blossom lane (5 minutes by car), which has a 2km-long row of cherry trees that is a sight to behold, and the Hokaharuka Garden Minobu Sakura (10 minutes by car), which is popular for its beautiful hanging cherry trees and gardens.


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